2 Things You Should Do To Make Things Easier On Your Moving Company

Posted on: 24 February 2017

Moving to a new location becomes a lot less stressful when you hire a professional to do most of the moving work for you. A moving company can come to your home and pack all your belongings according to how fragile they are, remove them room by room, and then relocate them to your new home. The movers can then even take your items and place them in your new house so you arrive to a home that is move-in ready for the most part. If you want to be present when the movers are at your home or if you want to make the process easier for them, do these 3 things for a much smoother transaction.

Remove kids/pets

If you are still at the home when the movers arrive, make sure you have your pets securely kenneled or placed in a fenced yard so they don't interrupt the movers and their activity. Dogs in particular should be moved away from the scene because they may act out with aggression at the sight of strangers removing things from the home, or they may be on the opposite end of the scale: too friendly and bugging the movers while they are trying to work. Furthermore, the movers will be going in and out of your home, which can increase the chance of your beloved pets sneaking out of the house amidst all the chaos of packing, and getting lost as a result.

Kids should be away from the home while movers are relocating your items as well. Kids can get in the way of furniture, appliances, and fragile items being moved and can accidentally get hurt. Box knives, plastic packing materials, and other tempting supplies can also get them into trouble, and problems can be prevented by getting them a babysitter or having your home packed while they are in school.

Pack what they won't

Due to liabilities or even legal restrictions, many moving companies cannot relocate live plants, firearms, certain antiques (of a high dollar value), jewelry, or even paintings. Pack yourself what the moving company cannot move for you, which can be explained to you by a friendly representative. If you don't want the movers to pack your personal clothing or other items, have them boxed up yourself before they get there to avoid any confusion. You can rent a moving vehicle you can drive from the moving company or allow them to transport certain items with instructions that you want to unpack them when they arrive at your new home.