3 Things To Do Before You Start Packing That Will Make Packing Easier

Posted on: 10 February 2016

Before you start packing for a big move, you need to get your house and things in order. Here are three things that you should do around your home before you start packing. 

Quickly Clean Your House

Before you start packing, you need to clean your house. You don't need to deep clean your house; that will be easier to do once everything is packed up and moved out. However, starting with everything clean and in place will help you work through each room and pack more efficiently. 

Go through each room and put everything back where it belongs and in the correct place. Wipe down all the surfaces in each room so that you have clean areas to work in.  Clean the floor so you can sit on it and pack. 

Get Rid Of The Clutter

Don't pack up the clutter in each room of your house. If you have letters, bills, magazines and other clutter lying around, go through it. Work room by room and just focus on throwing away the items that are cluttering up each room.

If you find an item that you actually want to keep, put it where it belongs so it can be packed up in the correct box. Don't move clutter from your old home to your new home.

Go Through Everything

Before you start packing, give yourself a set amount of time to go through all the items in each room in your house. Decide what items you want to keep, what items you want to throw away, and what you want to donate. Do not take items that you have not used for months or years to your new home. Use this opportunity to free your life and your cupboards from unnecessary items.

In order to speed up the process of going through things, bring in a "donate" and "throw away" box with you into each room. Then, set a timer and get to work. For a small room, like a guest bathroom, give yourself about five minutes to go through the room. Setting a timer will help keep you on-task and prevent you from getting off track. 

For larger rooms that have more stuff in them, such as your bedroom or kitchen, give yourself at least an hour to sort through your belongings.

If you have a small house, you could go through all your rooms in an evening. If you have a larger house, you may need a few evenings to complete this task. 

Before you start to pack up your home, clean all the rooms, get rid of the clutter and go through everything. Reducing the things that you need to take with you will ultimately make the packing process go much quicker once you get started, and it will save you from having to go through things after you move into your new home. For more help with moving & storage, contact a moving company near you.