6 Weeks Before Your Move – Getting The Process Started

Posted on: 23 October 2015

Moving is a hectic time that can take a lot out of you. With so many things that can go wrong or get overlooked, it is important that you use the weeks leading up to your move date to prepare for the move. Below, you will find out what you can do during the last 6 weeks before the move to make moving day and the days after easier for you and your family.

6 Weeks Before

Now is a good time to start looking for the moving service that will assist you with the move. If you wait any longer, you could have a hard time finding an available mover and you won't be able to compare rates and services for as many companies.

5 Weeks Before

This is the time to contact your bank and begin the address change process. You will need new checks that can take several weeks to receive, so planning this far in advance will allow for plenty of time for the checks to be printed and received before you move.

Another thing to do at this time is to contact your child's school. The academic records need to be transferred to the new school and you may need to sign release papers for that to happen. Getting this done in advance will take some of the stress off of you later.

4 Weeks Before

Utility companies can take a few weeks to get things done. Because of this, it is important that you talk with the utility companies for the new house and the current one. Take your time to compare different rates and services to find the best deal on the services that you need. This far of ahead of time will make it easier for you to ensure you get what you want and have it ready when you move in.

Alert the utility companies that you have in the current house of the move so that they know that you will be disconnecting service soon.

3 Weeks Before

Head to the post office and fill out the change of address forms. At this point, you can provide the post office with the date of the move and when you need your mail to be sent to the new address instead of the current one.

2 Weeks Before

Contact your creditors and start the change of address process. Provide them with the date of the move and the new address and contact information if you have it.

1 Week Before

Get your boxes organized. Surely, you have started boxing things up by now, but the more organized they are in the house, the easier it will be for them to be moved into the truck and to your new home. Try grouping them by room so that you don't have as much shuffling around to do later.

Talk with your local movers to find out more ways to make your final weeks in your current home a little less stressful.