Don't Just Hire A Truck, Hire A Moving Company

Posted on: 29 October 2015

Which would you choose between hiring a moving company to handle your move and renting a truck to do it yourself? Both of these options have their merits, but you need to know the hidden costs of hiring a truck before going down that road. Here are some of these hidden costs to be aware of:

The Truck Is All You Get

When you rent a moving truck, you just get the vehicle and nothing else. This isn't ideal since you need more than that to load the truck, cushion your items and protect them from scratches or breakage, and unload them. Expect the rental company to charge you extra for the cushioning pads, dollies, and any other gear you may need for the move; those aren't likely to be included in the truck-rental cost.

Driving the Truck

Driving a car is different from driving a big truck. If you have a lot of luggage, and you have to use a big truck, then prepare for a nightmare on the highway if you haven't handled such an automobile before. Navigating traffic and taking turns is likely to be difficult, and you could end up collecting traffic tickets or even causing accidents in the worst case scenario.

Insurance Issues

Insurance coverage for a rental truck isn't as straightforward as that for rental cars. A typical rental car will be covered by your normal auto policy or credit card company, but this isn't always the case for a big rental truck. The main reason for this is the average weight of these trucks; they just weigh too much. Therefore, you have to purchase extra coverage, such as damage waiver, towing, and supplemental liability.

Potential Breakdown

Another potential complication with a rental moving truck is the possibility of a breakdown. Sure, the company is likely you to send you a replacement truck, but you don't know how long that will take. When the new truck arrives, it will be up to you to transfer the items from one vehicle to another, which isn't easy if you have numerous items to move. Some rental companies also expect you to take care of the repair so that they can reimburse you later, but this can also be inconveniencing to you.

If you are confident of navigating all these pitfalls successfully, then go ahead and hire a moving truck. However, you would be better off hiring a moving company (such as SC Moving) to handle your move. This way you get everything as a package, which may also be cheaper than paying for individual items and services.