Moving With Children: Five Tips For Keeping Your Sanity And Making It Easier

Posted on: 13 October 2015

Relocating and moving to a new place is never easy. Even if you don't have a lot of belongings, moving can be stressful. So just imagine how stressful moving can be if you have children, pets, and an entire family to move. Consider using these five tips to make moving day less stressful on you and your children:

1. Keep Them Occupied

Giving your children something to do during the moving process—and on moving day—can make your life easier. It will keep your children entertained and away from all of the commotion. It will also help to keep them calm during the change.

You can buy them a new toy that they have been wanting. Give them coloring books and supplies. You could let them play with your phone. Or read a book. Whatever they enjoy doing, encourage it and let them do it during the moving process.

2. Pack and Clean Carefully

It might seem easier to pack everything during the day, but it probably won't be. Tossing old toys and art projects that your child loves can irritate them. You might also find things you packed away or tossed out in their room, hands, or somewhere else in your house—even if they never played with it previously. To avoid this, make sure you pack and toss items while your children are asleep. This will help prevent your children from unpacking things during the day. It will also help keep them calmer; as the saying goes "out of sight, out of mind."

3. Pack Their Stuff Last

In the same vein as the previous tip, try to pack their belongings last. If you cannot pack their entire room in one day, try doing it slowly over time. Just make sure you leave their most beloved clothes, toys, and books in their room until the last day. This will help keep them calm and busy. Plus, the last items packed are usually the first to be unpacked. So you will be able to set up their room first, which will again help them stay calm.

4. Inform Your Children

It might sound easier to keep your kids in the dark about the move, but you will soon realize it isn't. Children are curious creatures and they like to know what's going on. If you don't tell them, you will probably be bombarded with questions all day long. To prevent this and make moving easier, keep them informed about the process. Tell them things are changing, boxes will be laying around, and that they will be living in a new space. Keeping them informed will help keep their questions to a minimum. It will also make them feel more secure.

5. Get Help

Finally, consider getting some moving help if you have children. You can use an in-state moving company like M Dyer & Sons Inc if you aren't moving far to help pack and move things. You could also get a friend or family member to watch your children so that they are out of the way. These two things may sound small, but they make a world of difference when it comes to making a move easier and less stressful.

Moving with children may not be easy, but it can be easier. Use these tips, along with a moving company, to help your big moving day go as smoothly as possible.