Unusual Moving and Packing Supplies That Will Keep Your Possessions Safe

Posted on: 23 September 2015

Packing for a move can be extremely stressful because there is the risk that your treasured possessions will break during the move if you do not pack them correctly. In order to reduce this stress, take the time to do the best possible packing job. To start with, here are some unusual moving and packing supplies that will keep your possessions safe and put you at ease.

1. Socks

The first thing that you should do is raid your underwear drawer for tube socks. If you don't have any, go to the dollar store and pick up a package or two for a very cheap price. Once you have the socks, take any stemware that you might have and slip them into the sock so that the cup part goes in first and the stem is closest to the tube of the sock. The fabric will keep the glasses from clinking against each other during the move  and breaking. This method will also allow you to pack more quickly rather than having to wrap each stem individually in newspaper or packing foam. Be sure to put plenty of padding around the stemware in the box to further cushion them and keep them from rolling around, and don't stack too many on top of each other.

2. Styrofoam or Paper Plates

Next, purchase Styrofoam or paper plates that are roughly the size of the plates that you need to pack or a little bit larger. Alternate stacking paper or Styrofoam plates with your normal dishware. This will help keep your dishes from scratching each other during the move or breaking when being lifted. Once you have a stack that will fit in a box, wrap the entire column in newspaper that is secured with tape or bubble wrap and put it into a box. This saves you a great deal of time over wrapping each plate individually in newspaper.

3.  Ziploc Bags

Finally, consider packing up your off-season clothing in Ziploc bags or other self-sealing plastic bags. It is critical that you are able to seal these bags in order to make sure that your clothes are in a waterproof environment where mold is unable to grow. You are going to end up having to use a great deal of Ziploc gallon bags, but they will be able to compress your clothes down to a manageable size to pack and will allow you to simply store the bags in a visible manner, perhaps in a storage unit, until you need the clothing, rather than having to deal with boxes.

For more ideas or for professional help, talk to a company that sells moving supplies, like Route 37 Self-Storage.