Tips To Save On Your Moving Service

Posted on: 23 September 2015

Moving into a new home can be very exciting, yet stressful at the same time. If you are unable to take multiple days off from work, have a hectic schedule, or do not get the help from friends that you need, then moving can definitely be difficult. Well, rather than put all this stress on yourself, you may find it best to seek a moving company for help. If you are worried about the cost of your moving service, then you may want to take advantage of ways to save on your moving services. There are many ways that you could save on your move.

Find a Company That Offers Packages

If you live in a small apartment, then you likely have less stuff to move than someone who lives in a huge house, right? Well, why should you be paying the same amount if you don't have much to move? Before you hire a moving company, be sure that they offer packages that allow you to hire the amount of movers you need so you can avoid overpaying. For example, if you only need two movers and the company offers packages ranging from two movers to four movers then you should have the option to only hire two movers instead of being forced into hiring more than you need. 

Seek A Company That Offers Multi-Service Discounts

Chances are you will need a big truck to transport all of your belongings to your new home. So, before you rent a truck, first see what your moving company can offer. Most moving companies offer moving trucks for a small additional fee and renting through your moving company instead of a third party moving truck rental place can be a cheaper option. This is because a moving company is going to offer you a discount on your truck rental, as a way of gaining more of your business. 

Find A Company With Flexible Weekday Hours

Like most professional services, rates can increase during high-demand. This means you will want to avoid moving during the weekend, as most people who move plan to move during the weekend as this is usually their day off from work. If you can, consider taking a sick or personal day off from work, so you can arrange your move during a time that isn't so hectic, like a weekend day. You may also want to seek a moving company that can provide you with services during the late afternoon, so you can avoid having to miss work and still manage to receive services during a week day, so you can obtain lower rates. 

Before you assume that you cannot afford a moving service, you will want to be sure that you take these three tips into account when looking for a moving company like Bell Moving & Storage to hire, as they can definitely help you save. Not only will you be saving money, but you will have a much easier and more convenient move, which is likely just as beneficial as saving money.