Three Tips To Help Your International Move Go More Smoothly

Posted on: 23 September 2015

There is more to moving abroad than just finding a job and packing your belongings. The following tips can ensure you don't miss some commonly overlooked facets of such a big move, which will then ensure you arrive at your new home with the minimum of stress or problems.

Tip #1: Get All Your Documents in Order

A move abroad will require a lot of documents. Start collecting them in a waterproof file folder envelope, preferably one that is enclosed on the ends so no items slide out. A brightly colored one is best, so you can find it quickly when you set it down in the midst of the move. Keep all your important moving documents in this folder, such as

  • Your passport

  • Your work visa, if provided in advance of your arrival

  • Your employment contract, a letter from your employer, or a work permit

  • Copies of birth and marriage certificates, as applicable

  • Medical, immunization, and dental records

  • All custom forms, including packing lists and inventory value lists for items being moved by an international mover

  • Any health or quarantine records for a pet that is also making the move

Tip #2: Get Insurance

There are a few types of insurance you want to consider when making an international move. First and foremost, make sure all of your belongings are insured, either through your international moving company or via an outside insurer. Sometimes, a homeowner's or renter's policy will provide moving coverage, but only if the policy is still in effect. Make sure it covers international moves, though. Next, check on your personal insurance. Will your health and medical coverage provide overseas coverage, or is your employer providing insurance once you arrive? You will also want to look into travel insurance to cover any losses incurred during travel.

Tip #3: Know the Plan

Finally, make sure you know exactly what to expect upon arrival. If your company is providing you with a house or apartment, make sure you know the actual square footage so that you don't bring over more belongings than will fit. If you are responsible for your own housing but will be staying in a hotel initially, arrange to store your belongings upon arrival. An international moving company that also provides storage is ideal.

It's also a good idea to know the standard expected shipping times to the country. Although your new home may be ready immediately, it may take a month or longer for freight to be cleared through customs. A mover like Hollander Storage & Moving can let you know expected wait times, so you can make the requisite plans for what to do in the interim.