Three Valuable Benefits To Decluttering Your Home And Using A Storage Unit

Posted on: 11 September 2015

If you spend several years in the same home, it's easy to consistently accumulate possessions until you find that your home is cluttered. While holding a sale and reducing the amount of your items is one option, doing so can be a challenge if you hold a special attachment to your things. Even if you can't bring yourself to permanently part with your possessions, one solution is to rent a storage unit to store the things you don't frequently use. This strategy prevents you from having to part with what you own but serves as a valuable way to declutter your home. Here are three advantages to renting space at a storage facility.   

Reduced Stress

The clutter in your home can contribute to your overall stress level. If you feel on edge but aren't sure why, it could partially be due to your clutter. A cluttered home can be stressful for a variety of reasons. Finding a specific item can feel overwhelming because of the clutter and the build up of items around you can consistently send you a message that there's always something to do but not enough time to do it. Upon renting a storage unit and relocating some of your infrequently used items, note your stress level and see if this change has made an improvement.

Better Air Quality

A cluttered home is hard to clean with any degree of thoroughness, which can lead to a build up of dust and other issues that can impact the quality of the air you breathe. When you rent a storage unit and begin the process of transferring some of your possessions out of each room, you'll find that you'll have better success vacuuming and dusting the space, which can improve the air quality. This benefit is especially valuable if you have children in the home or family members who have breathing-related difficulties such as asthma.

Money Savings

When you have a cluttered home, it's often easy to mistakenly buy something you already have because you weren't sure that you owned it, whether it's a piece of clothing or something for the kitchen. This habit can translate into a significant amount of money unnecessarily spent over the course of the year. By reducing the clutter in your home through the help of a storage unit (such as one from Epic Group Inc), you'll be able to quickly find what you're looking for and avoid the unnecessary cost of buying duplicate items.