3 Reasons Every Homeowner Should Consider Getting A Self Storage Unit Today

Posted on: 31 July 2015

You've probably seen signs somewhere in your neck of the woods advertising for a local self storage facility, and it's possible you might have never given it a second thought. Sure, those facilities tend to be used a lot by small businesses or maybe someone in the middle of a move to a new location. But if you own your home, a self-storage facility can come in handy in ways that you might not have thought of. Here are three reasons why getting your own self-storage unit today might be a good idea for you and your family.

Better Security

Do you have anything valuable in your home? Most homeowners usually have various trinkets lying around their house or basement that are either of a decent financial value, or valued because of the memories they invoke. Have you ever thought about what would happen if your home was broken into or a fire were to break out? You might not be able to save those precious items. Most self-storage facilities have a level of security that is higher than what you have at home. These facilities are also usually monitored 24 hours a day, giving you peace of mind that your valuables are being looked after.

Clear Out Seasonal Items and Rediscover Your House

If you go into most homeowners' basements, there's usually an assortment of decorations that only come out for a couple months in a given year. You likely have things like your Christmas tree or your summer lawn furniture tossed into a random corner of the room. Maybe you're even using a spare room elsewhere on a higher floor of your house if you've really accumulated a lot of stuff. A self-storage unit is a quick and affordable way to retake control of your house from all of that random stuff. Move enough of it out, and maybe you can finally finish your basement or turn that spare room into an office or exercise room like you've always wanted.

Keep Your Hobby Organized

Are you a collector of something? Is your collection starting to get on your family's nerves? Whether it's baseball cards or bottles of wine, a self-storage unit can provide a great base of operations for your growing interest. Many self-storage units are now temperature controlled, which means you can store something like wine or whiskey without worrying about extreme temperature ruining your goods. Keeping the items from your hobby or interest locked up in the dark could also potentially prevent damage that it would otherwise encounter from being exposed to light.

Self-storage units are a popular choice for people in the middle of a move, or for someone looking for more room for their business. But the average homeowner can also benefit from this space in various ways. Self-storage provides better security than most homes, and can help you declutter your house from various seasonal items or a growing collection from someone's hobby. Contact a local self-storage facility like Colfax West Self Storage today for more information.